Why We`re Different

Vertical Integration

  • From polymer chip to final component, we provide a seamless supply chain with complete traceability

Support for the life of your device

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Translating product requirements into product performance
  • Dedicated support team – from design and throughout device life cycle
  • Supply chain consistency resulting from vertical integration
  • Strict adherence to your delivery requirements

Implantable Textile Components for Medical Devices

  • Development with commercialization as end goal
  • 100% focus on medical devices

Manufacturing Controls & Inventory Management

  • Complete traceability – polymer chips to fabricated components
  • Reduced supply chain risk

Not in competition with our customers

  • We are not a device manufacturer – only produce components for medical devices

Focus on Long Term Relationships

  • Listening, educating, and collaborating with our customers