Product design requires a small diameter tubular structure capable of bending in multiple planes without pinching closed while following a tortuous pathway.

Molded tubes have:

  • Stiff, fixed structure
  • Patent lumen
  • Tendency to kink when bent
  • Rigidity for crush resistance


How to get a hollow stiff tube to flex along multiple planes in a torturous pathway without causing pinching or closing of the lumen.

  • Making the wall thickness too thin to increase pliability will result in collapsed walls when bent.
  • Making the wall thickness too thick and rigid will prevent bending along multiple planes without kinking and closing off the lumen..


Design a thin wall semi-rigid tube through crimping Р provides the ability to flex without kinking maintaining a patent lumen.

  • The thin wall enables minimally invasive insertion.
  • The crimps provide flexibility allowing for snaking through the torturous path while keeping the lumen open throughout the deployment.

Textile components have:

  • Bendability
  • Semi-rigidity
  • Compliancy