Product design requires certain clinical function and performance characteristics in vivo best embodied by a solid component.

Solid component has:

  • Defined shape
  • Crush resistance
  • Load bearing


How to deliver a solid component in a minimally invasive manner.

  • Difficult to reduce size of device for implantation procedure without significantly altering the desired performance characteristics.
  • Need open procedure to implant into body because it is not flexible or compressible enough to utilize minimally invasive surgical procedures.


Design a textile/thermo-set polymer hybrid that offers all of the benefits of the solid structure, but can be delivered in a minimally invasive method.

  • Utilize a hollow core braid as an encasement that can be manipulated and compressed to be delivered via minimally invasive techniques.
  • Once implanted, the textile can be expanded by filling with a thermo-set polymer to reconstitute desired shape, and establish the necessary load bearing characteristics.

Textile component has:

  • Flexibility – can be reduced in size without altering final deployed performance characteristics
  • Defined shape that can be deformed and returned to original defined shape
  • Ability to act as containment barrier for thermo-set polymer that provides crush resistance and load bearing


Textiles can bridge the gap between solid and elastomeric materials.