Yarn Extrusion

Polyester (PET or Dacron) Fiber Extrusion


Medical Grade Yarn (PET or Dacron) Extrusion

Today’s medical device environment requires a consistent supply chain for all device components.  At ATEX we are committed to providing you the highest quality medical fabrics  using the highest quality polyester fiber, also referred to as PET or Dacron.  With our state of the art extrusion process we can provide complete traceability from polymer chip through final component.

At ATEX, we extrude customized polyester multifilament & monofilament medical grade yarns for implantable medical devices.

Our extruded yarns range in size from 10 denier to 150 denier.  Larger yarns are possible through plying.


Dacron is a registered trademark of the Invista North America S.A.R.L. Corporation.