Knit PET Surgical Mesh polyester
Warp Knitting
:  Knitting is a method of constructing fabric by interlocking a series of loops of one or more yarns.  Warp knitting is a type of knitting in which the yarns generally run lengthwise in the fabric.  The yarns are prepared as warps on beams with one or more yarns for each needle.  Examples of warp knitting include Tricot, Milanese, and Raschel knitting.

Key characteristics of knit fabrics include:

  • Dimensional flexibility
  • Controlled elongation
  • Controlled porosity
  • Resistance to un-raveling

The value of knit fabrics in an implantable medical device include:

  • High degree of tissue in-growth
  • Controled permeability
  • Controlled degree of elongation
  • Compressibility

Medical Fabrics can be knit into a variety of shapes based on your biomedical structure’s requirements, including:

  • Surgical Mesh
  • Tubes
  • Fenestrated Tubes
  • Double Knit Structures (two layers knit together)
  • Spacer Fabrics (three dimensional structure)

ATEX possesses the expertise to produce a wide variety of component shapes from a knit fabric.